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Office Chair – User Guide

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

The office chair is a vital piece of equipment, and with so many office workers reporting back strain it pays to ensure your using an chair to suit your need. Our guide here will help:

The chair should allow the user to move easily and freely; we recommend that you leave the chair unlocked to make full use of the chair’s movement whether on the phone, reading or reaching.

When typing or working at the computer, the ideal seat angle would be tipped slightly forward to encourage an open posture.

If you have been sitting for a while, move your feet around to stimulate the blood flow, and try not to slouch.

If you are going to use another chair, make the effort to adjust it to ensure you are receiving maximum support before you commence work.

Our guide below shows how to sit properly but most people sit on a chair ill-equipped for their needs without even realising it, and has a result end up with lower back pain and discomfort. If your unsure of what chair would suit your needs just Call Us Today, we are here to help.