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Essentials Office Desks

Essentials office furniture range is an affordable 25mm range of office desks offering a complete solution to the office space. With a variety of complimentary furniture such as pedestals and storage cabinets, your can turn that room into a working office with the Essentials range. This range comes guaranteed for 5 years and is available in Maple, Oak and Beech finishes.

Office Furniture desks

Rectangular Office Desks

Straight Office Desks available with cantilever or panel end leg options. These desks come in a variety of sizes and finishes to suit all straight office deskneeds.

Code         L(mm)   D(mm)   H(mm)    Price (€)
TES8080  800        800         730        €95
TES1080  1000      800         730        €105
TES1280  1200       800         730        €120
TES1480  1400       800         730        €140
TES1680  1600       800         730        €165
TES1880  1800       800         730        €195

Ergonomic Cresent Office Desks

Ergonomic office desks are the ideal for the busy office worker with plenty of desk space and helps the worker arrange his or her ergonomic office deskworkspace to suit their needs. These desks come in a variety of sizes and with either cantilever or panel end legs.

Code         L(mm) D(mm) H(mm) Price (€)
TES1612   1600   1200    800      €215
TES1812   1800   1200    800      €275


Wave Office Desks

Wave Desks are a stylish office desk that complement the office space and ideal for using in clusters to save space in busy working wave office desksenvironments such as call centers. These desks come in a variety of sizes and with either cantilever or panel end legs.

Code         L(mm)   D(mm)   H(mm)    Price (€)
TES1210  1200      1000         800        €166
TES1410  1400      1000         800        €175
TES1610  1600      1000         800        €185


Storage Pedestals

Pedestals are a convenient form of primary storage, ideal for any office space to help store paperwork and essentials. These pedestals office storage pedestalcomplement our desks and come in 3 forms: Mobile Pedestals, Desk High Pedestals and Fixed Pedestals.

Code                   Description                 Price (€)
TESDHP3/600     Desk High                        €120
TESDHP3/800     Desk high 800 deep        €140
TESMP2/3          Mobile Ped 2/3 drawer     €99
TESH2/3             Fixed Ped 2/3 drawer       €85


Storage Units

Storage in any modern office is vital, as the working environment can be come cluttered in a short space of time. We have the perfect Office Storage Furnituresolution with our storage units which come in a variety of sizes and finishes as well as with or without doors.

Code             Description                   Price (€)
TES745        730 High Storage Unit          €115
TES760        730 High Unit with doors     €125
TES1045      1000 High  Unit                    €125
TES1045      1000 Unit with doors             €140
TES1245       1200 High Storage Unit       €145
TES1245       1200 Unit with doors            €170
TES1645       1600 High Storage Unit      €165
TES1645       1600 Unit with doors           €195
TES1845       1800 High Storage Unit      €190
TES1845       1800 Unit with doors          €215
TES2045       2000 High Storage Unit     €215
TES2045       2000 Unit with doors         €250


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